Upcoming 6-Month Self-Defence Program! (03/02/20 - 7pm)

$1,500.00 $1,200.00


Upcoming 6-Month Self-Defence Program! (03/02/20 – 7pm)

$1,500.00 $1,200.00

Starts on February 3rd, 2020

Please enquiry if you’re interested.

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The Krav Maga Base Program is Krav Maga Systems’ beginner program designed to give teach you the foundational components of our curriculum. Throughout the program, you’ll develop a solid base for your personal protection and general well-being.

You’ll be developing fundamental striking, fighting and defensive skills to deal with strikes, verbal and physical deescalation, grabs, chokes, holds, ground-assaults and weapon threats/attacks (plus more). You’ll not only gain the physical capability to preform techniques, but you’ll also be gaining the ability to discern, make the best choices a given situation, prevent situations from escalating, and deal with the adrenaline responses experienced during assaults.

To join this program, you must join at the beginning of a Krav Maga System learning module. Each module runs for an average of 4 weeks and gives an extra week for scenarios and testing. You can register for the next intake, and if there is time between feel free to jump into our Open’s Program where you can casually do Krav Maga classes.

Krav Maga Topics Covered:

Components/Modules include topics related to…

 Self-Defence Theory & Krav Maga Principles

 Combatives & Tools

 Sucker Punches, Holds, Grabs & Chokes

 Ground Combatives & Defences

 Close Quarter Combat

 Multiple Attackers

 Extra Curricular Scenarios/Topics

Krav Maga Systems Base Program Overview

Age: 16+

Description: The Base Program has been designed to give you extremely practical self-defence and fighting skills, so you can keep yourself safer and feel more confident in a minimum timeframe of 6-months. It contains 2x lessons a week plus comes with some bonus classes and excursions.

Contact: Light contact within drilling and sparring

Prerequisite: Must be a beginner

All students who sign up will be provided with:

  • Student T-shirt
  • Groin Guard
  • Mouth Guard
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Shin Guards

Full packs are given to you as part of your investment for this self-defence program. You will also be given free 2-Year Support & Associations Membership.

Number of Students: Maximum 40

Advancement: On competing this program you get a certificate plus can advanced to Practitioner Program if you would like.


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