6-Week Beginner Krav Maga Fundamentals Training (07/01/20 - 7pm)


6-Week Beginner Krav Maga Fundamentals Training (07/01/20 – 7pm)


Starts on November 5th and runs for 6 weeks. 

Only 24 Spots Available!!!

This Krav Maga Systems training course is for those of you who want to get started in Krav Maga quickly! It allows you to learn the bare essentials before committing to any more extensive training. In this course you will learn the basic tools and combatives that are common in Krav Maga. You’ll learn the basics of striking and defences which will give you solid fundamentals should you wish to continue your training within our other programs.

The investment for this program includes:

  • 6-weeks of Krav Maga training, up to 3-times a week!
  • Video support teaching you our basic strikes and defences

Equipment needed:

  • You will need a groin guard which we can provide for $45. This is suitable for men and women.
  • We will give you a free mouthguard


  • Tuesday 7pm
  • Thursday 7pm
  • Saturday 11am

You are expected to come to at least 1-2 classes per week to progress through this course.

If you wish to progress onto further training after the 6-weeks, you will require full equipment pack and membership.

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