Turbo-charge your Krav Maga Training

Are you finding it hard to commit to training due to your busy schedule? Are you making excuses for skipping training? Has it been a while since your last training and you want refresher sessions to catch-up?

From time to time we could all use some extra motivation and guidance. With personal training, you’ll benefit from a dedicated instructor who will tailor a program specifically to meet your personal goals.

Through Personal Training you…

Focus on self-defence topics that matter to you.

Ease into group training.

Catch-up on missed group training.

 Hone in on your personal strengths.

 Get results faster than group training.

Participate by yourself, or with a small group of friends/family.

Personal Training Details

  • Program details
  • Topics Covered
  • Investment

Who Can Participate? Current and non-students; either by yourself or with small groups.
Training Location: North Rocks.
Appointment Schedule: Contact us by phone or email for an up-to-date schedule.
Training Duration: Sessions can be done as 'one-offs' or 5 and 10-week blocks (all renewable at the end)
Entry Requirements: None
Gradings: You can use personal training to participate in our grading system.
Equipment Required: To get the most out of the training session we ask participants to have these basics

Mouth Guard Boxing Gloves MMA gloves

You can choose to cover any of our group training programs in a personal training environment,  or you can choose specific areas of self-defence that you wish to focus on.

Sessions will teach you practical self-defence skills, boost your confidence, and develop your physical attributes such as fitness, strength, power and agility.

Investment For The Program:

Pricing for personal training depends on the following conditions:

  • How many sessions you want to do
  • Who you want your instructor to be
  • The number of people participating (please note there is a maximum of 6 people allowed)

Please contact us to receive accurate pricing information.

Get in touch to start Personal Training.

Do You Need More Information?

Call us on 1300 532 765 or send a message to get more info on pricing, programs, and training details.

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