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                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765


                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765

Krav Maga Practitioner & Graduate Programs

Program Overview

Age: 16+

: The Practitioner Program and above is for serious students who want to learn complete and pure Krav Maga over the long-term. This is the traditional learning program, taking each student from Practitioner 1 (white belt equivalent) all the way to Expert (our black belt equivalent) level. 

Contact: Light, mild & occasionally heavy (with safety considerations) from sparring, drilling and different types of pressure drills.

Prerequisite: In order to enrol, a student must either take part in a community event, information session, another program or come along for a free trial class

All membership sign-ups are for a minimum of 6-months for this program. All students who sign up must have the bare minimum gear requirement:

  • Student T-shirt
  • Groin Guard
  • Mouth Guard
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Mma Gloves
  • Shin Guards

Full packs (minus Forearm Guards) are available at a special rate, for $179 and currently give you 2-Year Membership. All students MUST have full protective gear before starting their training. 

Number of Students: Maximum 30

Investment For Program: $1820 for 50-weeks of training (debit continues at the end of the term and assumes you continue to train).

Payment is split into 52-weeks accounting for any holiday timetable which should be considered bonus training outside of the 50-weeks. With Direct Debit it's an investment of $35 a week.

2-Year Membership Fee: Required for this program

Advancement: On competing this program you get a certificate (P1 and P2) plus can advanced to Practitioner Program 3+. In P3+ a student must have a full face mask. In Graduate ranks a student must have a Black Gi.

Benefits of The Practitioner Program:

  • Learn from a traditional curriculum which is extremely extensive
  • Gain holistic and refined skills over the long-term
  • Get the toughness, discipline and confidence of a full-time KM Practitioner
  • Get graded in Krav Maga and work up the ranks
  • Become a ‘weapon' in Authentic Krav Maga


What Our Students Say?

Spots are currently available

If you wish to join the next Base Program intake, you need to get in on or before May the 27th

In order to take part in the Practitioner Program or Base Program, you will need to book a trial in the Fundamentals Program or come to a Free Information Session. The Practitioner Program and Base Program are only in North Rocks.

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