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                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765

'Warrior Kids'
Community Self-Defence Workshop For Kids 7 to 12 Years



Benefits for your kids

  • Kids get active and make friends
  • Develops character
  • Builds Discipline
  • Increases concentration
  • Increases physical and mental fitness
  • Kids who train in Krav Maga do better at school
  • It’s fun and these self-defence skills can save lives

When and where:

September 18th, 5pm - 7pm at
36/14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks

100% FREE Event

Book Now To Get Your Spot/s 

LIMITED SPOTS - For Kids 7 to 12 Years


How Can You Protect Your Children Against Violence?

Increase the well-being of your kids with your FREE to Community Kids Self-Defence Workshop

In this FREE to Community Self-Defence Workshop your kids will learn easy to use and implement self-defence knowledge and skills. In two hours they will learn everything they need to know for their basic safety and well-being.

Led by our Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan, an Expert in Krav Maga, your kids will discover a wealth of information that is safe, effective and produces real results.

In this premium and free workshop your kids will learn how to:

  • Understand and assess common dangers
  • Use Krav Maga principles to stay safe and well
  • Deal with bullies and other dangers in a non-violent way
  • Build awareness of common real-life problems in our modern world
  • Develop resilience that over time will build real confidence
  • Prevent conflict with de-escalation tactics to physical techniques
  • Defeat common problems such as wrist grabs, sucker punches and kidnap grabs

Have your kids join us and gain incredible value as this is knowledge you can’t find anywhere else for free.

On completion of this powerful workshop, your kids will take on the Warrior Board Breaking Challenge and learn how to break a board using Krav Maga techniques.

Once finished your kids will get:

  • Kids Self-Defence Manual
  • A Completion of Attendance

Terms & Conditions: 

  • This is only for residents who are within 8 kilometres of North Rocks
  • It is only available for new students, not existing members or anyone who has trained with us before
  • Children must be between the ages of 7 and 12
  • Each booking is allowed 3 children maximum within a family

Register Now, Limited Spots

Here is your opportunity to register your child or children into 'Warrior Kids' now!

Increase the well being of your kid/s!

Age: 7 to 12 years old only.

Date: September 18th from 5pm to 7pm.

Address: Unit 36, 14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks

Price: FREE
21 Places Left