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START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - View upcoming intakes & events here or call 1300 532 765

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START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - View upcoming intakes & events here or call 1300 532 765

Kids Krav Maga Program


Active Kids Self-Defence Training Benefits:

  • Your kids will learn to keep themselves safe against the most common threats and attacks
  • They will gain confidence and become more assertive, improving overall self-esteem and self-worth
  • We help your kids to develop the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong, essentially giving them the tools to be good and safe citizens

Starts July 31st

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Active Kids Self-Defence Training Program

The goal of this program is to teach kids foundational self-defence and personal protection skills that will last them a lifetime, over the period of 8-weeks. 

On completion of this course, your kids will get a Certificate Of Participation.

Please note: Your child must be over 7 years old to do this program and no older than 13. If this program does not fit into your schedule or requirements, you are welcome to use your Active Kids voucher to any of our other programs and classes.

Day and time held: Starts Tuesday July 31st at 5pm and runs for 8-weeks.

Price: $100 (Active Kids Voucher)

Protective Gear: Groin guard and mouth guard which are provided for FREE for all participants

Maximum Participants: 24 children between 7 to 13 years old.

If you are unable to attend, or we have hit our limit, you are eligible to be on our waiting list. Alternatively you can look at our other programs and classes.

Topics presented:

 Situational Awareness

 Preventing conflict

 Conflict resolution skills

 Basic striking tools

 How to defend common attacks

 Defending common problems for kids: punch/slap, bearhug, choke, wrist grabs, ground attack and shirt grabs

 Pre/post fight tactics and behaviour

 Kids learn how to defence against bullies, strangers and common school/kids related problems.


Program structure:

Week 1: Situational Awareness & Prevention Skills

In this week, the kids will learn about the dangers that are currently present and how they can effectively prevent conflict. The kids will learn to identify these dangers and have a skillset that teaches them to remove themselves from the situation as quickly as possible. They will learn preventive behaviours (such as escaping, speaking up, etc) and techniques should the threat get close.

Week 2: Basic Combatives

In this week, the kids will learn how to use different strikes and tools to defend themselves should a problem become violent. The kids will learn to use appropriate force for the situation and will learn to distinguish the difference between a force-required situation over a situation that can be avoided using other tactics (like proper assessment and de-escalation).

Week 3: Inside & Outside Defences

In this week, the kids will learn how to defend against slaps, haymakers, pushes, kicks and more. The Inside and Outside Defence covers a large range of attacks and teaches kids to use their bodies natural tools and reactions to neutralise threats quickly. In this stage your kids will learn to defend themselves as fast as possible and put the attacker on the defence so they can get away.

Week 4: Defending Wrist Grabs

In this week, the kids will learn to defend against common wrist grabs. Problems like the wrist grab can be associated with bullies or strangers, so proper assessment and behaviour is taught, such as speaking up, using soft solutions and ultimately if the threat is serious, to have a solid hard solution.

Week 5: Defending Choke & Bearhug From Rear

In this week, the kids will learn to defend against these attacks. The kids will learn to prevent them and ultimately how to escape them if they are caught.

Week 6: Defending Shirt Grabs

In this week, the kids will learn to defend and prevent shirt grabs. This is a common attack by the bully, so we look at ways to prevent it and ultimately to deal with it should the situation get dangerous.

Week 7: Defending Ground Attacks

In this week, the kids will learn to avoid going to the ground and deal with it if they do. They will learn to defend attacks from the ground and to get up as fast as possible so they can get to safety.

Week 8: Scenario Drills & Testing

In this week, we put the kids through some testing in a fun and exciting way. The kids will practice and test their skills under a little bit of pressure and have a final challenge to finish the course.

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