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3rd Party Protection Workshop




Saturday September 15th

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Event Description:

Discover how to use Krav Maga skills and knowledge to protect people!

We’re not talking about becoming a bodyguard, we’re talking about you being able to protect your family, a friend or even a stranger, should the need arise.

Have you ever been in situation where someone was potentially in danger, and you felt helpless because you didn’t know what to do? Perhaps you didn’t feel confident, so therefore you didn’t do anything just in case it meant trouble for you.

Or have you always wondered what you would do if something terrible was to happen? How would you react? Would you know what to do? Could you live with yourself if you weren’t able to do a thing?

This workshop is designed to fill in those gaps, to help you gain an understanding for the topic, from initial assessment of the situation to the final moment. You will learn a diverse range of Krav Maga skills and then test it out in a simulated scenario.

The skills and knowledge that you will gain from this workshop are:

 Assessing different levels of danger - Understanding the KMS safety code

 Legal consequences of protecting a 3rd party

 Situations where you can do nothing? What to do?

 Ethical considerations, legal considerations

 Levels of engagement

 De-escalation techniques and tactics

 Preemptive attacks

 Breaking up the fight using certain techniques

 Initial decisions: Where to walk, where to go? Thinking ahead

This workshop will give you some insightful knowledge and skills in 3rd party protection. By doing it you will:

 Feel more confident with protecting someone else, should you need.

 Have knowledge that you can think about and build a framework off for future.

 Learn a variety of techniques for different types of situations.

 Improve your overall understanding of Krav Maga

 Discover the laws of protecting a 3rd party

Event Information:

Length:This workshop runs for 3 to 4 hours. The extra time allows for workshop stoppages, extended Q&A’s, feedback sessions and so on.

Date, Location and Time:North Rocks, Saturday 15th September at 11am - 3pm

Price:Investment for this workshop is $159, but EARLY BIRD is $129!

At the end of the workshop, each person will take part in a unique protection scenario drill, designed to put you through testing of the things you learned. Your goal is to keep yourself and the person you’re protecting safe, with nil to minimal harm.

This scenario will be recorded and shared with you in the days after the workshop, so that you can see how you went, and share it with your friends.

We will be putting the participants into two groups. Those groups are:

Hard Group: You’re willing to put everything in and get nitty gritty! If you’re in this group, you’ll be partnered with others who are 100% willing to ‘go hard’. In this group, you will need the following:

*Head Guard, Mouth Guard, Groin Guard, MMA/Shooto/Shuto Glove

Soft Group: You’re willing to learn, but you’re not 100% into ‘going hard’. That’s okay, if you’re not sure, go into this group. If at any point you want to change your mind, it goes both ways, but you’ll need minimum gear requirements. This group will be mainly newer students and those who want minimal contact and aggression. For this group, you’ll need:

*Groin Guard, Mouth Guard

What You Get:

 3-4 hours of training time

 8 x Krav Maga Systems Instructors/Trainee Instructors who have specially been trained for this event and who are there to assist

 Krav Maga Systems Keyring

 Video of the 3rd Party Protection Scenario

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