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START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - View upcoming intakes & events here or call 1300 532 765


                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - View upcoming intakes & events here or call 1300 532 765

Gain Power: Learn Proven Self-Defence, Safety & Survival Skills


Women's Self-Defence Course 


  • Improve your 'survivability' so that you have the ability to protect your life!
  • Our students tell us about how they feel unstoppable, having increased confidence and overall feeling of power.
  • Increase your breath and expand your lungs, increasing your cardio and overall fitness!
  • Learn an art that most people don't know, and gain the edge over a low-life criminal.

  Next Course: Saturday 20th October
 Location: Unit 36 14 Loyalty Rd, North Rocks
 Experience Level: Any level (13 yrs+)

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 Women's Self-Defence Course

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Class Times, Price & Information About Women's 6-Week Course:


Don't you wish there was an easy way to protect yourself against muggers, rapists and other low-life scum that prey on innocent people? You know the ones we're talking about, the criminals that'll step right out in front of you and ask threateningly, 'you got some money?'.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to stop these thugs and give you instant peace of mind. Imagine having control over a situation, even with the most savage drugged-up maniac who has the desire to terribly injure you and your family.

Learn basic Krav Maga self-defence fundamentals and learn to prevent and ultimately save yourself in the worst case situation. This course is designed to teach you self-defence and survival skills to give you a much better chance to get away from danger safely.

This program covers the most common attacks you may be challenged with, and gives you a holistic set of skills and knowledge so that you have good insight and ability to avoid bad situations. 


  • Discover what kind of threats to look out for and what to do about it to survive!
  • Understand the criminals mind and how they dominate a victim (and how you can stop them in their tracks).
  • Learn how to use improvised weapons in your environment to gain an upper hand!
  • Train to neutralise the threat using easy to use, practical and effective strikes and defences
  • Expose yourself to Krav Maga Principles, a little secret known only to the best self-defence system in the world!

Please note: You must arrive ten minutes early to each class.

Classes begin on October 20th and go for 6 weeks only. Each session runs for 1.5 hours and concludes at 10am. 

The cost of this training is $199. On completion you will get a certificate and be eligible to train in other Krav Maga Systems programs.



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