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START KRAV MAGA TRAINING IN SYDNEY AND PERTH - View upcoming intakes & events here or call 1300 532 765

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START KRAV MAGA TRAINING IN SYDNEY AND PERTH - View upcoming intakes & events here or call 1300 532 765

Kids Self Defence Classes

Classes for kids 5-12 years old.

Krav Maga Program for Kids

Program Details

Location: Unit 36, 14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks
Free Intakes: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday 
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 Training for kids here starts back on January 22nd, 2018

Location: Elite Fitness Gym, C, 49/24-32 Lexington dr, Bella Vista NSW 2153
 Free Intakes: Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Register your kids to join
 Training for kids here starts back on January 23rd, 2018


At Krav Maga Systems we believe that knowing how to protect yourself is just as important as learning how to read, write and count.

This is why we have Kids Krav Maga classes., to give your children the chance to better prepare themselves to make smarter choices for their personal safety throughout their lifetime.

There have been so many students in this program who start out as being shy, self-conscious or unfocused. Through training they end up being able to stand up for themselves or their friends, they more confidently try new things and socialise and are able to keep themselves focused on tasks in front of them.

Though your children will learn in a safe, and encouraging environment, they are trained in a way that prepares them for real conflict. Kids also are put into a traditional coloured belt ranking system, they are promoted by the Instructor based on their consistent performance in class.

Please note: These classes run along with each NSW school term, breaks are taken with school holidays.

What topics are taught in the Kids Krav Maga Program?

 Correct movement for self-defence

 Talking your way out of conflict

 Dealing with bullies who use physical force

 Dealing with adults predators

 Defending common grabs, restraints, strikes, ground assaults, weapon threats and attacks

 plus more

Training Equipment:

Each child needs to have the following items:

- Groin guard   - Mouth guard   - White belt  - Student top - Black training pants

These items can be purchased as a package (approx. $100), or separately.

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Kids Krav Maga Training Videos

Cubs Program Running At HQ

Kids Krav Maga Program Promo

Helena & Susan in Cubs Krav Maga

Everything you need to know about Kids Krav Maga training:

 {fa-check-circle } Teaches your children the most effect self defence methods for dealing with confronting and dangerous situations

 {fa-check-circle } Be in control of their emotions

 {fa-check-circle } Communicate more effectively and confidently under pressure

 {fa-check-circle } Become adaptable, giving them the ability to deal with all types of physical problems.

 {fa-check-circle } Gain the ability make the best choices for their safety

 {fa-check-circle } They'll know how to prevent and avoid conflict before it escalates

 {fa-check-circle } Improve their fitness as well as self-defence skills

In-School Krav Maga Self Defence Programs For Kids & Teenagers

Increase your students' confidence, fitness and overall focus with our 'In-School Krav Maga Training Programs'

We have available "In School" Krav Maga Programs for private schools and public schools that will be beneficial to children and teenagers from the ages of 5 to 18.

Our Programs can be tailored for your schools specific requirements. We teach students how to effectively deal with situations that they may be commonly faced with, by employing strategies that keep them safe and in avoidance of trouble, as well as giving them the tools to know what to do if faced with frightening, confrontational situations.

We centre our teaching around these main topics: (please note: we can add or take away to what we offer in our programs as per your requirements.)

  • One-on-One bullying situations
  • 'Multiple attackers' bullying situations
  • 'Stranger-Danger'
  • Random Physical conflicts
  • De-escalating potentially dangerous situations and conflicts, through the use of verbal communication
  • Avoiding potentially dangerous situations and conflicts by applying awareness and focus

We run self-defence and personal protection programs at our school or yours. Whichever you choose, we are more than happy to work with you in order to provide your students with skills and knowledge that'll help them feel safe and protected.