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                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765


                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765

Krav Maga Immersion Program at Liverpool

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10 Week Krav Maga Crash Course

Have you ever wanted to learn how you can better protect yourself, but aren't able to commit to long-term training?

Krav Maga, by nature, is designed to be quick to learn (in the early days, soldiers had 21 hours to learn it and apply it on the battlefield). Immersion Krav Maga has gone back to those roots, by making it manageable for you to learn and apply the core principles of Krav Maga(which everything in Krav Maga is based off ).

In this course, you'll learn all of them and you'll discover a very holistic approach that combines the theoretical, and the practical aspects of self-defence.

Topics covered:

How to defend against grabs, chokes, locks and other problems.
How to fight and defend yourself against any attack. 
 The principles of 'fighting dirty and efficiently'.
 Vital points and tactics to give you the upper hand. 
 How to defend against weapons such as sticks, guns, and knives.
 Psychology of the attacker, as well as your own so you know how to deal with your biological reactions to conflict and danger..

Next Course Details:

 STARTS: March 23rd
TIME: Every Thursday, 7:30pm-9:30pm  
 WHO CAN JOIN? Anyone 16 years+ with any level of experience.  
 LOCATION: 126-132 Terminus St, Liverpool NSW 2170 (HIT FITNESS AND COMBAT

LIMITED: Each course can only have a max of 30 participants, so don't wait 'till the last minute. *This program is non-refundable, but can be exchanged for another program or service for equal value.

26 Places Left


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