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                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765


                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765

Program Details

Tuesday January 22nd 10am-3.30pm Location: 36/14 Loyalty Road, North Rocks  Ages 7-12 years | Experience Level: Non-students and students

Help your kids get the skills and knowledge to be a modern day warrior by attending Warrior Day Camp for Kids. This school holiday activity aims to teach your kids self-defence skills, but more importantly bring to their awareness the importance of a modern-day warrior mindset; encouraging kids to be confident and feel capable to taken on life's challenges from personal safety, to healthy eating, to building positive self-images.
By completing the entire program you'll gain the level of skill and knowledge to keep yourself safe from modern-day threats.


During this holiday workshop your kids will...

be given the ability to be adaptable under hardships, 
 be encouraged to be confident in who they are,
 be taught to accept and be respectful of the differences of their peers, 
be taught about healthy eating and lifestyle habits
be given strategies to deal with bullying behaviour
 be given strategies to avoid danger and dangerous individuals so much more
        Kids Krav Maga Self-Defence Training 

Topics that will be covered

Warriors Walk
The walk is designed to teach your children not only basic and common sense road rules but to help them gain awareness for the types of problems they can face. It will teach them to walk with more confidence and teach them ways to assess danger and get themselves right away from it.

Warriors Path
This talk is about what it takes to be a modern-day warrior. The attributes that a modern-day warrior has are the attributes we want to take on and run with in our lives.

Warriors Blitz
The purpose of this mini-workshop is to teach your kids a solid way of defence which is simply to attack. Your kids will learn to use this responsibly and to solve any problem that is dangerous with a warrior blitz attack.

How Warriors Handle
The Enemy (bullies)
In this workshop, your kids learn how to spot a bully, and effectively deal with them using first non-violent methods. After we have thoroughly explored this, we will look at some common ways a bully will attack you and how to address them.
Warriors Eating &
A warrior looks after their body and mind. To do that a warrior must eat like a warrior! We teach the kids a little about nutrition and the benefits in eating healthy.

Warriors Living
In this aspect, we talk to your children about life balance. What it means to have life balance, what it means to have ambition and to find a nice balance so that everything is done in moderation and in a healthy way.

Warriors Space
and stranger danger) 
In this workshop, we work with the kids to teach them more about awareness and the types of threats that can present themselves if you're not aware. We'll do practical drills to hone this skill and get them really thinking and applying what they learn.

Warriors Challenge
Every warrior will put his/her skills to the test in this challenging warrior drill.

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Kids 7-12 years old | Tuesday 22nd January 10.30am - 3.30pm

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