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The following relates to Krav Maga Systems Pty Ltd membership policy and process for canceling or suspending memberships.
There are two main types of memberships.
1.Monthly memberships (This is for any membership that gives you ongoing access to long-term training programs)
2. One-off memberships (This includes 10 passes, gift cards, special yearly membership deals, and short-term program enrolments, and also includes Kids Krav Maga classes).

Cancellations, Suspensions and Refund policy for Monthly Memberships

Requesting a cancellation of your membership:
Monthly-paid memberships have a three month minimum debit requirement. When you sign up to this you agree to honouring this payment period (unless otherwise specified on your direct debit form). During the 3 months, no cancellations can be requested. Alternatively you may payout what is owing if you need to cease your training urgently.
After the three months is over, your debits will continue to be taken out of your nominated account. You can then cancel your membership by sending an email to , you must do so two weeks prior to your intended cancellation date. Be mindful to time it according to your payment cycle to avoid getting charged unneccessarily (no refunds will be given if this occurs, the responsibility is on you to give the correct information for your cancellation.
You can find out your payment cycle by emailing us at 
The email MUST be subjected as 'Membership Cancellation' with your full name. In the actual email you'll need to state your reasons for cancelling and when you want the cancellation to be applied to your account.

Exemptions for minimum payment terms:

If one of the below exemptions apply to your situation your account may be cancelled straight away avoiding any waiting times and further payments.
1. Serious Injury or Illness: If you have experienced an injury which prevents you from participating in Krav Maga classes, you may be exempt from your minimum term. To apply for this exemption please email a message about your circumstances to with a copy of a doctor's certificate relating to your injury.
2. Extreme Personal Circumstances: If you have experienced extreme personal hardship that prevents you from continuing training, please email
You don't have to share specific details, however please send a brief message citing one of the circumstances below (if it applies to you) in that message.
Accepted circumstances include:
  • Extreme Financial Hardship
  • Moving Interstate

Cancellation Fees:

There is a fee for your cancellation of your membership. The amount will equal two (2) weeks worth of whatever you've been paying for your membership. This fee is paid regardless of circumstances for leaving - expect in the event of an extreme situation, which will need to be determined with the administration team.

Requesting a suspension:

You may suspend your account if needed, but payments resume after the suspension period.
You can suspend by sending an email to , you can do so at any point during your membership.
The email MUST be subjected as 'Membership Suspension' with your full name. In the actual email you'll need to state a reason for your suspension, the date you would like you membership to stop, and the date you would like it to resume.

If the email is not sent to this email address any requests to cancel or suspend will go unnoticed. Requests sent via sms, social media platforms or directly to an instructor are not sufficient and may not be attended to correctly. You are liable to follow the correct process.


Refunds will only be given in the following circumstances:
  1. You have correctly followed the above process and a payment has incorrectly been deducted from your account. (Proof of email and any relevant conversation history must be provided.
  2. You have been signed up to the incorrect membership, or a membership has been set up incorrectly.
To request a refund, you must email your full name and bank account details for the refund to be processed. Please allow up to two weeks for the refund to be completed.
In addition to refunds, credits can also be given. You could potentially be given a free month of training or exchange what was deducted for anything of equal value at Krav Maga Systems. This is usually the easiest course of action if a payment has come out during a suspension period.

Cancellations, Suspensions and Refund policy for One-off Memberships.

A one-off membership is any membership that is paid in a single payment, or paid for enrolment into a short-term program (A short term program is one that has a set start and end date). When you purchase one of the memberships you agree to these terms and conditions. Cancellations and refunds cannot be applied to one-off memberships. You may apply for a credit to the amount of which you have paid already in exchange for anything of equal value from Krav Maga Systems. You must email to request a credit.

Errors with the Membership Management System.

On occasion, memberships are not correctly process by the membership management system that is used. We'd like to apologies in advance if this happens to you and we will do what we can to straighten out the errors.
If you ever have any questions please call us, ask us at the school or email us