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Women's Krav Maga


Benefits of Krav Maga Training For Women

  • Learn in 6-week intervals on topics that are designed for you. EG, ground fighting and survival, defending chokes and holds, defending weapons attacks and more!
  • Train up to 3 times a week, in a comfortable and encouraging environment
  • Effectively recognise, prevent, and survive common assaults faced by Women
  • Practise your skills in simulated real-life scenarios with male attackers at regular points in your training!

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Class Times, Prices & Information About Womens Krav Maga Training:

Tuesday: 6pm - 7pm

Thursday: 6pm - 7pm

Saturday: 10.45am - 11.45am

What topics are taught in the Women's classes?

 The stages of an attack: how to recognise, prevent and respond.

  How to fight and defend yourself against common attacks, like Grabs, pushes, chokes, dominant controls, ground assaults, assaults involving weapon threats and attacks, verbal assaults, multiple attackers.

 How to verbally and emotionally deal with conflict.

  Handling aggression from someone else, and using your own aggression as a tool.

  Tactics to give you the upper hand, like striking to vulnerable targets effectively, limiting injury to yourself, using your environment and objects within them, exploiting vulnerable aspects of anatomy, moving from a defensive position to an offensive position a.s.a.p, redirecting attacks and so much more.

  Proper striking focused on ending a violent confrontation.

  Controlled sparring and conditioning to prepare you for the realities of an attack.

 Instructions for how to verbally respond to prevent conflict.

  Learning how to use your bodies natural tools and reactions to get away as quickly and easily as possible.

  Strategies for limiting and working with your biological response to danger.

  You'll get invaluable information about what to look out for to avoid these situations entirely.

  The confidence to keep your boundaries and assertively establish them.

Module topics for Women's Krav Mag Program

 Ground assaults

  Dealing with assault involving knives, stick and guns

 Dealing with multiple attackers

  Protecting third parties (friends, family etc)

  Dealing with chokes

  Defending grabs, and strikes

  plus more

Please note: For many of these situations, you will learn how to adapt to solve them from different positions, angles and scenarios. For example, if you learn how to defend a choke from a standing position, you'll also learn how to defend it on the ground, against a wall, from the front, the back, against multiple attackers etc.

Training Equipment:

Each participant needs to have the following items:


  • Groin Guard
  • Mouth Guard
  • Boxing Gloves
  • MMA Gloves
  • Shin Guards


  • Forearm Guards
  • Head Guard

Please note: In order to participate in all training, drills and scenarios in a safe manner, you must have all safety and training equipment listed above as 'Mandatory'.


North Rocks: $33 a week

We also have the following class passes:

5 class pass = $120

10 class pass = $220

Active Kids Voucher's accepted (save massive on training) !

Self-defence is a life skill that everyone needs to have!

Women's Only Krav Maga classes are perfect for Women who are serious about learning self-defence and who want to do it in a safe and encouraging environment. It is also a great starting point if you want to work your way up to mixed adult Krav Maga classes. Women's classes focus on helping you develop the attributes to effectively recognise, prevent, and survive common assaults faced by Women. You'll get a good idea as to what challenges you need to overcome through frequent environmental and scenario focused training.

Classes follow 6-week long modules where you focus on specific topics (for example, ground assaults, dealing with chokes, escaping multiple attackers etc.). By the end of the 6-weeks, you will have the option to participate in a simulated scenario. This means attackers (usually guys wearing safety equipment) will try to put you in the situations you've learned to deal with throughout your training. These scenarios are set up to imitate what could happen in reality and are an excellent way to accelerate your learning and giving you true confidence in your abilities to protect yourself.

Throughout the actual classes, you'll study real-life examples women have faced. Your instructors (who are female) will teach you how to analyse the problems and give you the tools and tactics to deal with similar situations. Occasionally some male volunteers will come into the class, giving you the chance to really practice in a realistic way. By the way, to do the program you do not have to have any previous training or be at any particular fitness level (you can only improve from where you start).

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