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                               START KRAV MAGA TRAINING TODAY! - or call 1300 532 765

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General Training


What age do I need to be to train?

Krav Maga Systems has classes for those 5 years and up. Anyone under the age of 18 needs to have signed parent/guardian consent to participate in class.

What do I need to wear and bring for training?

Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in, a towel and a bottle of water. You'll be asked to remove any jewellery/items on you - this includes earrings, necklaces and rings. You aren't allowed to wear any hats during training. If you wear glasses and are unable to use contacts, you may wear them during training - beware though that there is physical contact in training.

How much physical contact is made during training?

As a whole, there is always some level of contact during training (this goes for kids, teens, men and women). All training is conducted with safety in mind, however, preparation for reality is also a priority in training. Most training involves light contact, and safety equipment is required for all classes. For programs such as the Immersion Program and Practitioner Program, there are elements that involved moderate physical contact (through pressure drills and sparring), no training is ever done full-force.

Am I required to have safety gear for training?

Yes. All of our Programs require that you have training equipment. One of the main rules in training is to 'not get hurt and to not hurt your partner', at the same time we want to encourage realism in training so having these following bare minimum items will go a long way. You can purchase your own, or from our shop.

  • Minimum requirements for teens and adults (male and female, and all programs)
    • Groin guard
    • Mouth guard
    • MMA/Grappling Gloves
    • Head Guard

      Please note long-term program participants are required to attain a Krav Maga Systems training top.

  • Minimum requirements for kids (male and female)
    • Groin guard
    • Mouth guard

      Please note that kids are also required to wear a uniform consisting of a Krav Maga Systems training top, white karate belt, and black pants/short.

How many days a week should I be training?

In order to get the quickest results from your Krav Maga training, it is recommended that you participate in at least 2 classes per week

I have some injuries/health conditions. Can I still train?

If you have been cleared by your doctor/health care professional to do intensive exercise, then there is no reason for you not to train. For those who have injuries or health conditions that aren't debilitating but can be aggravated through training, we ask that you let your instructor know and your training partners. If there are certain movements you cannot do, Instructors can usually modify what is being taught to help you out. 

If  you have serious health conditions/injuries, it may be best to learn in a personal training environment so that the Instructor can focus on making sure you train in a conducive environment to your well-being while also being able to teach you at a pace that will be the most beneficial. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Please note: You are responsible to have with you at all times any medication (such as a puffer) or aids (such as knee braces).  We also do ask you to divulge some key medical information in the application form before class, if needed, please bring any doctors certificates that clear you for training.

Is there a ranking system that I can progress in?

Krav Maga Systems focuses on building practical skills that you can feel confident in applying under real conflict, for this reason, the main focus of your learning is not to 'climb up the ranks'. There is a process for testing in place, for those that want to challenge themselves and see clearly their improvement. This process tests your ability to use what you've learned up to a certain point under simulated scenarios.

It is not traditional in that you must demonstrate/perform 30+ techniques in front of a panel before you can get your next level.

We want our students and those who know them, to really see that what they are learning is being retained and they are able to make it work for them individually. We don't believe in giving people a false sense of capability. 

To enrol in Krav Maga Systems testing system requires and extra fee upon sign-up. This is so Instructors and administrators can attend to your progress with more attention and mentorship than someone who wants to take it at their own pace (so to speak).

What should I expect from a class?

Classes follow a proven structure that will work your fitness and effectively teach you techniques with thorough explanations and challenging training drills. Most classes go for one hour. You'll be taken through a warm-up for the first 10-15 minutes of class (you're responsible to show-up on time. If you miss the warm-up you may be exposing yourself to injury during training as your body won't be prepared for movement).

After the warm-up you'll usually participate in drills that will develop certain attributes needed for general self-defence or specifically for the topics you'll be covering in class. From there, you'll cover specific topics of self-defence and learn the skills you need to solve them.

From there, you'll cover specific topics of self-defence and learn the skills you need to solve them.

You'll also be taken through final drills at the end of class that test out what you've learned and how well you can use them. These drills are very effective for your learning, as they allow you to make normally life-threatening mistakes, in a safer and forgiving environment.

How can I start Krav Maga training?

There are a few ways to get started with Krav Maga depending on who you are and what you're looking for:

  • Mixed teens and adults
    • The Fundamentals Program (available at North Parramatta and Blacktown)
      • This is specifically designed for those new to Krav Maga and/or Krav Maga Systems. It's a four-class program, the first being a free induction. Its aim is to give you an idea of what Krav Maga training is like and to also get you up to speed if you wish to join the Practitioner Program, which is our core mixed adults and teens class. Find out more or book your spot for the next intake.
    • Krav Maga Immersion (available at North Parramatta)
      • This is a 10-week program open to anyone 16yrs + It aims to teach you basic principles of conflict and self-defence and give you an adaptable strategy for your basic personal protection. It can be a great stepping-stone into regular Krav Maga classes too. Find out more or book in for the next intake.

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