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Posts from 2017-05-16

The 'Aggression Switch'

Don't Be Afriad To Break The Rules

 By Andrew Chan, Krav Maga Systems Instructor - Perth Australia

One of the best quotes I've come across in krav maga self-defence is as follows: 

"In Krav Maga, we say that fighting for your life is no game, so you have to discard all notions of fair play". -David Kahn 

To me, this quote beautifully puts into context the attitude you need to survive. Attitude/mindset is a skill just as important as any technique you'll learn. Having the right balance in attitude is vital to your functionality and survivability.There are one of two extremes you don't want to be when dealing with a life-threatening problem. Firstly, you don't want to be a doormat and allow people to walk over you. (This is different from being submissive but that's another story). If you do so in self-defence, don't be surprised if you end up dead, raped, or hanging from a noose. 

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