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Posts from 2017-03-06

5 Facts About the History of Krav Maga (Infographic)

Krav Maga is a self-defense system developed for the military in Israel. The name in Hebrew can be translated as "contact combat". The root word krav (קרב) means "combat" and maga (מגע) means "contact".  Krav Maga is the official combat system of the Israeli military, but it is also utilized by civilians and law enforcement agencies alike for self-defence.Here is an Infographic with 5 facts about the history of Krav Maga:  

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6 Dynamic Stretches (infographic)

Dynamic Stretching also known as active stretching involves taking a muscle through its entire range of motion, starting with a small movement and gradually increasing both movement range and speed. It helps to increase heart rate and blood flow, and wake up the central nervous system. (walking lunges with and without a rotation, lunging and reaching, glute bridges, stepping to balance, power skipping, butt kicks, etc.)

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Krav Maga - Injury Prevention Training 101

Foot sprain

One of the most common question we get from people wanting to start Krav Maga  or new students is: “Can I get hurt?”

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Krav Maga - Burning fat, getting toned and weight loss


This is maybe one of the most frequently asked questions: “Can I lose weight if I practice Krav Maga?” Our answer to that is: depends.

Now, before you click away in despair, because the answer was not yes, think that, just like in any other physical activity, when you measure weight loss results, you have to take into account some factors.  

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Cyberspace Safety


The internet can be a scary place. It takes courage and strength to survive in a world full of trolls, cyber-bullies, psychos, predators and thieves. The cyberspace is a community and just like any other communities this one is not free from crime.


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Date rape. What it is and how to protect yourself



What is date rape?

Date rape is a form of acquaintance rape, meaning you know the person in some kind of way and/or there has been a romantic or potentially sexual relationship between the parties involved. Date rape may also happen between acquaintances, were the two persons have never been involved romantically or sexually(co-workers, classmates, friends, neighbours, etc.)

Date rape is very frequent in college campuses and clubs or bars, where there is frequent use of alcohol and other date rape drugs; situations where drug facilitated sexual assault can be smoothly executed.


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Finding 'me time' and 'self-defence time'


How often do you find yourself stressed, pressed and ‘gasping’ for time?

For many of us, these feelings and thoughts are very common, especially these fast track days we are living. Although not new, this is the epidemic of the new era:stress.

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How Krav Maga Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur And Leader

 A few days ago I came across this quote: “Power has to come from the inside out, not the outside in. Forget about the other person’s power. First, learn to control your own power. Second, learn to control your opponent’s power. Third, learn not to be controlled.”

 This quote instantly made me think of Krav Maga and how it empowers the individual, how it gives him or her the power from the inside-out. I then started to ponder on the life applications Krav Maga has besides the obvious (self-defence) and one seemed to illuminate: business.


 Sensing an important connection, I started sketching out some ways in which Krav Maga can make you a better entrepreneur, leader and even employee.

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The 'wills' and 'wonts' of Krav Maga training

Krav Maga is one of those self-defence systems that some people are afraid of trying. It's gotten this reputation for being brutal, vicious and scary! While Krav Maga can be all of that, we feel that this image is pretty one dimensional.

There are many sectors Krav Maga training can be applied to. These include civilian, law enforcement, and military. Each sector brings with it a specific focus on technique, strategy and methodology. What one learns as a civilian for example can be different in its application and overall goal than as a soldier. The impact that training has on you will be slightly varied in each case.

This article brings to light what Krav Maga training will and won't do for you as a civilian Krav Maga practitioner.

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How to teach your children about road safety


Roads can be dangerous especially for children. As a parent all you wish for is your children to grow up healthy and safe and to fulfill their dreams.

The truth is that children can get hurt at any time and that child abduction and kidnapping attempts are happening and it seems like it’s occurring more than ever.

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