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Posts from 2017-03-06

Want to be better at Krav Maga? Train outside your curriculum

How training outside your curriculum will make you better at Krav Maga

A few days ago Krav Maga Systems Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan and I returned from our training trip in Israel. It was my second time there, and Kurt's seventh or eighth. For both of us, it was one of the most enlightening experiences we've had. For one, we were tied to an organisation this time around, so we were free, so-to-speak, to get some different perspectives of Krav Maga training from some great Instructors. 

One of the more prominent bits of thinking fodder I received was this: Krav Maga is like a tree trunk. All the organisations and ways of approaching training/teaching are the branches on that trunk. 

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The true source of Krav Maga: How is a legitimate Krav Maga school defined, and who defines it?

Real Krav Maga

It’s a common thing in the Martial Arts world for instructors to eventually branch off from their teachers and go on their own path. They create their own organisations/schools and before you know it there are so many different interpretations of that style - each being sold as ‘the right one’. It becomes confusing as to which one to follow.

It has been no different in the Krav Maga world. You’ll hear people saying often ‘Krav Maga isn’t a Martial Art’, yet it is vulnerable to the same political influences.

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Pre-assault indicators: How reading body language can help you see the signs of an imminent attack

Body Language - Seeing the signs of an imminent attack

There's a fine line in self-defence between reacting to an obvious attack and pre-empting an attack that hasn't quite happened yet.

You're probably sure that you'll do something if an attack is already underway, but you might not be so sure what you should do if the situation isn't so black and white. You've probably also heard your instructor say something like 'if you're aware and know what to look out for, you'll know what to do'.... but do you?

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A girls guide to starting Krav Maga, Part 1: The emotional implications of starting self-defence training.

A Girls Guide to Krav Maga (Part 1) There are some things that get in the way of you taking that first step to start Krav Maga training... it can be intimidating. You don't know what to expect, how you'll be treated, what is required of you, if you can keep up, if you'll be treated well in training. I'm here to share my experiences  to hopefully help you get take that step to start. (please note: this is part one to this mini-guide for women and Krav Maga training. Subscribe to this blog, or like us on facebook to get updates on future parts. So, who am I to be writing this blog post?

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First Aid Training Benefits for Krav Maga Instructors

First Aid Training Benefits for Krav Maga Instructors and Students

Generally, training in Krav Maga and Martial Arts is relatively safe.

If you are a qualified Krav Maga or Martial Arts Instructor, your training would've given you the tools to create a training environment that minimises risks and a teaching format that prevents injury. When these elements are carried out correctly, injury does not usually happen. However, Relying on something to never happen, isn't the best tactical approach - as with all things self-defence: Preparation is Key! That's why anyone who is in the role of 'Instructor' or 'Coach' in any self-defence, martial art or combat sport needs to have a basic understanding of what to do.

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Tips on How to Build Your Krav Maga School

Interview with Danny Zelig:

In today's post, our Senior Instructor, Kurt Colpan interviews Danny Zelig, a highly successful Krav Maga Instructor and business owner of Tactica Krav Maga Institute.



Danny Zelig is a premier self-defense expert and instructor. He is a 2nd generation Israeli Krav Maga instructor of Imi Lichtenfeld. He has been training in Krav Maga since 1983. An infantry combat veteran of the IDF, he holds multiple certifications in Krav Maga, starting with a Military Krav Maga Instructor certification in 1987, through the IDF at the Wingate Institute - Military Division. He offers civilian, law enforcement, and military instructor training, as well as special topics training around the world. He founded Tactica and the Tactica Krav Maga Institute.


Kurt: Danny, tell me a little about yourself and your Krav Maga story?  

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Top 10 Mistakes That Hold Students Back

Top 10 Mistakes That Hold Students Back   Doubting themselves   This may be one of the most seen mistake students make in Krav Maga and in real life nonetheless: living in a constant state of fear and self-doubt. The problem with self-doubt is that is going to get in the way of your training because you will spend your time worrying about what others think of you or second guessing every move you make. “Curing” self-doubt is a process, but the beauty of Krav Maga is that it will also train your brain to go into a more confident and happier state. Here are a few mechanism to deal with self-doubt:

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.
  • Don’t think about what everyone else thinks of you.
  • Make a decision and correct it down the way is necessary.
  • Balance negative thoughts.
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Ask A Trainer #5 with Andrew Chan

Ask an expert your Krav Maga questions Ask an expert your Krav Maga questions[/caption]

Andrew Chan, G3 Instructor of Krav Maga Systems at Perth.

Lo Cocilovo asks:

How do you protect your family when out in public eg restaurant or shopping?

Andrew answers:

A lot of it comes down to awareness and prevention. If i see people who make me feel uneasy (e.g, their body language sends out signals to those around them that they're looking for trouble), I avoid them and shepherd my friends/family to avoid them too. When I sit down in a public place to eat, I try to choose a seat where I can see my surroundings and peoples' comings and goings easily if possible (e.g. with my back against a wall).  

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7 Qualities Of a Good Krav Maga Student (Infographic)

We want our students to achieve what they want and have the best training experience. With that in mind, we feel that the best way to optimize your training and get a good performance is by following some basic concepts and developing a process.To jump start this process, let's first start with an Infographic on 7 qualities a good Krav Maga student should have!

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Krav Maga 101 - Basic Equipment

 Krav (2)

Krav Maga is very popular for its realistic training techniques, and  wearing the right protective gear is essential to preventing injuries and training comfortably.

Here  is a guide to help you choose the right basic equipment you will need for training Krav Maga, from head to toe.

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