‘Krav Maga - the self-defence system for reality’... but, if you stay in the comfort of your own gym/dojo, then are you really preparing yourself 100% for reality?


Maybe, maybe not! We believe that if you’re not training in different environments and in different scenarios then you’re missing out on a vital part of Krav Maga training. When you don’t regularly put yourself in different environments, you can develop a false sense of reality and what is required of you to be successful in your personal protection.


It’s all too easy to forget that ‘out there’ in the real world the conditions aren’t like in your training facility. You’ll likely be in a place or a situation that you have little control over - you’ll likely have uneven surfaces, obstacles that get in the way, unclear paths, spaces that limit your range of motion and so on.



The moral of the story is that you should get out into your environment as much as you can.The more unpredictable your training conditions, the better you'll be at adapting to real-life conflict. Try to train in different conditions where the floor is uneven, wet, hard, in different weather conditions, train on the sand, train in confined spaces, and so on.


It’s important to constantly change the variables. Like working out, it is said the more variety, the better your body responds. Get your brain used to knowing that the environment must be understood. You’ll learn to consciously recognise what’s happening and you’ll wire your brain to better adapt to changing conditions going forward.


The more ‘new’ experiences you create the more neural pathways your brain will create, making it easier for you to function and make the best choices for reality - because now your will mind have references from previous experiences to act from.


The first time you go out kicking and punching on the sand or on some gravel  (putting all your intention and aggression into it), you might be in for a bit of a surprise of how much a change in environment can change how you operate as a Krav Maga practitioner.


How do you get started with environmental training?

All you really need to do is think of the kinds of environments where you would need to defend yourself, and then build on that with environmental training that simulates the conditions in the most realistic types of ways.


Here are some activities you can do solo or with training partners  to enhance your KM:


  • Go to the park and get on your back. Work all your kicks and punches from the ground ( (you can incorporate body weight training into it also).

  • Try break falling or forward-rolling as a result from tripping over something in your environment. Do it on concrete (with caution) or on grass or any challenging looking surface.

  • Work on your rolls and breakfalls on the sand, or in your backyard, or in your hallway, or on your driveway.

  • Take your dog for a walk (if you have one) and train to kick, punch and fight with a lead in your hand.

  • Jump in your car with a friend and hit mitts/kickshields. Work on defences and common problems from the vehicle.

  • Go to the beach and fight in the water with friends. Be sure to be safe.

  • Get a real bus, or create a mock with seating and look at problems that could occur in a public transport setting.

 Hope this helps you dwith diversifying your training. 

Blog post by:

DanielaInstructor at  Krav Maga Systems

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