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Emotional content in training. Emotional Content Blog Post(1) Humans are emotional creatures. It's an essential part of our existence. The more stressful the situations we find ourselves in, the more emotions tend to take control of your actions. In self-defense, we're inherently dealing with some of the most stressful situations you can imagine. Life and death …
Want to be better at Krav Maga? Train outside your curriculum How training outside your curriculum will make you better at Krav Maga A few days ago Krav Maga Systems Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan and I returned from our training trip in Israel. It was my second time there, and Kurt's seventh or eighth. For both of …
The true source of Krav Maga: How is a legitimate Krav Maga school defined, and who defines it? Real Krav MagaIt’s a common thing in the Martial Arts world for instructors to eventually branch off from their teachers and go on their own path. They create their own organisations/schools and before you know it there are …
A girls guide to starting Krav Maga, Part 1: The emotional implications of starting self-defence training. A Girls Guide to Krav Maga (Part 1) There are some things that get in the way of you taking that first step to start Krav Maga training... it can be intimidating. You don't know what to expect, how you'll …
Pre-assault indicators: How reading body language can help you see the signs of an imminent attack Body Language - Seeing the signs of an imminent attack There's a fine line in self-defence between reacting to an obvious attack and pre-empting an attack that hasn't quite happened yet.You're probably sure that you'll do something if an attack is …
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