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"Hey man, you got the time?..."A harmless enough question. Most of us wouldn't hesitate to look down at our phones or watches and respond. After all, it's the polite thing to do, right?You may not know it, but most predators are quite switched on to human behaviour. They rely on you to react a certain …
In 1977 Rick began his Krav Maga training while living in Israel on Kibbutz Ein Harrod Me’uchad.  He grew up learning kung-fu and was introduced to Krav Maga by several  “Kibbutzniks” that wanted to show him what he knew was not effective against real violence.Rick soon learned that his new friends were in top commando units …
Let's start this blog by stating obviously that a woman is NEVER at fault for being a victim of any type of assault. However, we all have the power to make choices that reduce our risk of being targeted. A female officer from the U.S. shared her tips for women to be safer in the …
The moral of the story is that you should get out into your environment as much as you can.The more unpredictable your training conditions, the better you'll be at adapting to real-life conflict. Try to train in different conditions where the floor is uneven, wet, hard, in different weather conditions, train on the sand, train …
I’ll be talking to a guy (no names yet) on Friday on a new upcoming Krav Chats Podcast who is quite a popular Krav Maga student & teacher. Most people that know their shit, will be able to guess who I am talking about by the end of this post...This guy has recently …
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