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Today, I wanted to make a post about one of THE most common motifs in the female self-defence/martial arts industry – Women’s Empowerment. It’s a nice enough message, and I can see the sincerity in wanting to help women become capable of protecting themselves – and as a result, become empowered. As a member of …
Do you want your kids to really know how to defend themselves from physical danger? The skill to protect oneself from physical danger is something most parents want for their kids. Typically they will do a search for a local ‘self-defence’ school or martial art club to start their kids on that journey. It’s great …
Women face a different kind of violence from men, and with it comes different problems. Let’s take a look at the 5 most commonly reported and documented attacks women face. I’ll give you some very basic tips you can implement in order to avoid and deal with these problems. *Disclaimer: physically training to defend yourself …
When it comes to situations that call for you to protect yourself, it is almost a guarantee that what you face in reality will not be the same as what you experience in training. A lot of factors will come into play and you may find yourself having to modify what you’ve practiced so that …
By Andrew Chan, Krav Maga Systems Instructor – Perth Australia One of the best quotes I’ve come across in krav maga self-defence is as follows:  “In Krav Maga, we say that fighting for your life is no game, so you have to discard all notions of fair play”. -David Kahn  To me, this quote beautifully puts …
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